Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorating our Hearts

Today is one of those days when I'm in a zone. Today its the decorating zone... all I want to is decorate for Christmas. Earlier this week, I was really having serious motivation issues regarding decorating. I'm not sure if its the perfectionist in me, the insane amount of Christmas out before Thanksgiving, or just not wanting to deal with the mess that must first occur before the final result is achieved.

So last night, after K begged us, we all went out to put out the small amount of outdoor lights that is the norm for our house. And then something clicked. I realized that decorating for Christmas isn't just about getting the house looking perfect and festive, its also a time for me to prepare my heart for the real meaning of Christmas. Decorating is about preparing for the arrival of the King, Christ Jesus. And if God has spent so much effort into creating a room for me in His house, then I can certainly spent a little time each year preparing for His arrival... not only in my home but more importantly, in my heart.

So, off to continue decorating. And while doing so, I'm greatly awaiting the arrival of Christ Jesus again this year.

Happy Advent, Blessed Christmas, and Merry Decorating~

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Maria said...

The shelf looks so cute! Love the "Believe" sign. :)