Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I love to travel... anyone who knows me knows that. But I really think one of the best parts of traveling is coming home. There is nothing better than being completely exhausted, usually from hours upon hours in the car with a wee-little one or from battling the less-than-experienced travelers at the airport, and walking into your own house, using your own bathroom, and completely collapsing into your own bed.

Oh its true (and this drives my husband and my buck-eye friends a little nuts) that I still don't really consider the state of Ohio home as I do Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. But if you define home as being where I want to be at the end of a long day of travel, than Ohio is it, for now. This is where I find my husband and daughter, my house, and my bed. And wonderful it all is... so I guess this is it... Ohio is now: Home Sweet Home!


Maria said...

There is nothing like coming home after a trip! You are SO right.
Glad you made it back safely! Miss you!

Maria said...

Tysen says to watch out. Next you will be saying "Go Buckeyes". hehehe