Monday, January 21, 2008

At a loss for words.... literally.

I have no voice. I have, on occasion, had a very hoarse voice from a cold, but I can honestly say this is my first true experience with laryngitis. The first few words this morning were audible... but only by four legged furry friends. So yeah, I was a caught a little off guard by the whole thing. I quickly learned that today was going to be a "quiet day" at our house and thus far I have said, maybe 250 words all day at any sort of audible level.

However, K and I did discover that great deals at Kohls' has absolutely nothing to do with the volume of your voice. So we did find lots of great deals on winter clearance items and a few extras. Perhaps it was luck or perhaps my sense of a good deal was heightened by my lack of verbal communication... you know lose one sense and the others are heightened!

Anyway, we (okay, maybe just me- Scott might enjoy the silence) pray that tomorrow will bring a little more relief and lot more volume to my voice.