Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historically Day... times 2!

Today, Jan 20, is a historical day... for our nation and our family.

Its one of those days that really doesn't matter whether your a red or blue state, its history. No matter what you think of our very-very-soon-to-be President, in a few short hours, Mr. Obama will be just that, our President. And if for no other reason than the title which he will soon hold, he deserves our respect and our prayers. I know we will never all agree on his policies, his approach to certain matters, or (maybe) anything else he will attempt to accomplish in the next four years. But history like this is an amazing thing to be part of.... and it makes me proud to be an American.

On the family note- K will embark on her first day of pre-school today. She will attend our church's wonderful preschool. So please, pray for her (and her mama, too) as she embarks on this wonderful, exciting, and educational phase of her life.

(PS- We haven't told her that once she starts school it doesn't end 'til there is a college degree hanging on her wall, we didn't want to spoil her day!)