Friday, November 30, 2007

Its a Small World...

As some of you know, I am convinced that our town of Springfield Ohio is much smaller than anyone says it is. I know there are suppose to be 65,000 people hear, but I am really, truly, convinced there are, maybe, 2000. Everywhere we go, we are running into people we know, people who know people we know, people who are related to people we know... you get the point. And this just didn't start happening now that we've been here 20 (yes, as of tomorrow!) months. Its been happening since day 1! I sometimes think its worse than the Luther cult!

Anyway, now its happening in my blogging world... what's the chance that the 2 blogs I read the most (one in little town MN and one in big town Cinci) would have a link to the SAME blog????? There are 1000's, millions...How very strange.