Saturday, August 30, 2008

House Rules

I grew up in a big family... not Dugger size of 16, but there are 5 kids. I am the oldest and there are 12.5 years between me and the baby (who is now 19). After me there is my sister Amy, my brother Kyle, my sister Kya, and baby brother Kale. We are currently spread across the US - literally, with one sister in Virginia, one in Seattle, a brother in Philly, the other in Chicago and us in Ohio. And yet, we're close. I talk to my sisters at least once a week (or leave them a voicemail) and I try to talk to my brothers often, but boys being boys... conversations are not usually lenghty.

Anyway, I digress. The thing I remember about living in a house with 5 kids under 13 was there wasn't the chaos that you might expect. Granted I moved to college at 18 and so there were only really a few years with ALL of us at home, but even now when we're all home, with spouses and kids, its not chaotic. Oh, I remember days that seemed chaotic, like Junior Prom, my sister and I both trying to get ready and fighting over the curling iron (luckily the scar is gone!) or trying to leave for a 20 hour drive to FL with 5 kids in a van (okay that was insane not chaotic!) but yet I wonder, in amazement, how my parents accomplished that! There is nothing that sticks out in my mind, like family meetings or a big list of house rules, we just somehow did it.

I mention all this because even in our household of 3 (2 adults and a 3-yo) it can feel a little chaotic. So I've been thinking about house rules - what house rules or family rules do we need? Do we really need any other than loving and respecting each other? So my question is - does your family have house rules/family rules? Did you write them down? I'm looking for some input... and I'll post more later when our family decides on our own.