Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Christmas Story (on ice)

Ever since Thanksgiving weekend, K has been obsessed with Disney on Ice. She got to see Mickey, Minnie, and the crew on ice in Des Moines while visiting Grandma and Grandpa. While the first 5 minutes were a rather overwhelming adventure (including repeated requests to sit in the car and go home), the minute Minnie walked/skated out she declared "I love this!" So it has been no surprise that for the last 2 weeks, we've been "playing" a lot of things "On Ice". To this point, it has meant we just pretend to ice skate around the basement while playing whatever we were doing before. Today it took on a new level.

Today, we had to play the Christmas Story. K has several books of her own with this story, but her new favorite is a library book that is about a preschool who performs the Christmas Story. So K decided our roles. She would play Mary, I would play Joseph, and her stuffed deer (named Tiny Star) would be Baby Jesus because "he's a good deer so he can be Jesus". We had a Little People doll, Raggedy Ann, and Dressy Bessie playing the 3 Wise Men and a stuffed Snoopy Dog as the Shepard boy. It all seemed pretty normal for a 3 year old mind and then.... "Mary" proceeded to put on her roller skates so we can be "On Ice".

Please picture this... Mary is now roller/ice skating to Bethlehem (aka around the basement playroom) with Joseph (me) and a tiny deer under her arm. When I did ask if "Jesus" was born yet, "Mary replied" " Yes, he already came from the sky" (okay- babies come the sky- good answer at 3!)

After several trips around the basement, a song from the shepherds (Joy to the World- sung by me) and the 3 Wise Men (Star of Wonder- sung by K). Mary and Joseph stopped at the "Inn" (playhouse), rang the doorbell, and proceeded to place Jesus in the manager (doll cradle).

And that folks, is the Christmas Story on Ice... probably not coming to venue near you soon, but if my video camera is within reach next time, it may show up on YouTube.