Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oh, and just for the record...

we realize that we refer to ourselves as "Minnesota McGregors" and we're living in the Buckeye state. We do know that we really should be the "Iowa McGregor's who met in Iowa at college, she's really from Wisconsin, and then moved to Minnesota after graduation and now live in Ohio because of His job.".... just that just seemed to long! Plus, the first time we said "Uff da" or "don't ya' know"... they figured out we're not really from here, anyway (as if the lack of buckeye "stuff" didn't give it away!)

Snow, Snow, Snow

It really was snow, but only for a brief 25 seconds. Just long enough for us to check in with our Minnesota connection to find out it wasn't snowing there. I imagine that many were wondering why K and I were so excited in the mall parking lot... but I admit, I like snow. As one of my girlfriends and I discuss on a regular basis... we can handle cold, as long it comes with lots of sunshine and pretty white snow on the ground. Now, I'm NOT (read that as bold as you can) advocating for days with air temperatures of -25, and wind chills are in the -40's...where a can of diet coke will freeze and explode in your car and cover the entire roof of your car with diet coke slushy (be prepared when you turn on the heater!). But I am all in favor of winter, white beautiful, winters! So here is to winter coming.... (and leaving too!)