Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 is underway...

And so far its been good. Its been a little less crazy than the end of 2007, but hey, that's what happens during the holidays when you live no less than 8 hours away from immediate family. We did, again, make the McGregor Midwest Tour, as we like to call it... and with K's increased love of singing and dancing, it was more of a Concert Tour. Here were the cities and venues of her choice...

Dec 22- Peoria IL -- Holiday Inn Downtown
Dec 23 - Marshalltown IA -- McGregor Family Complex
Dec 27 - Decorah IA -- Country Inn and Suites and Luther College
Dec 29 - Kohler WI -- Schnettler Family Complex
Jan 2 - Springfield OH -- Homecoming Concert

For those of you wanting to buy the T-shrit... we're all out, sorry. We will be touring again soon, I'm sure and will be sure to print some extra's next time!

But seriously, we were extremely blessed to travel over 1500 miles safely, mostly in good spirits (only 1 "I WANT OUT" tantrum!) and see a majority of our family and a lot of close friends. After trips like this, I am always extremely grateful to live in the 21st century, with reliable cars and roads, flexible jobs, the ability to travel and see family and friends (and did I mention portable DVD players for 2 year olds!) I often wonder what it would be like for us if we didn't have all these fabulous things to keep us in touch. As much as I enjoy Little House on the Prairie... I was not born to live it.


The Mama said...

Amen and amen. :)

The Heironimi Duo said...

We hope you had a great time! We are so excited to see you guys!