Monday, November 12, 2007

Question of the Day...

As my friend "the mama" can attest to, I often come up with a random question of the day.... well, here's today:
  • Do parents really think its a good idea to take their kids into Toys R Us at this time of year ? Did they not anticipate the "I WANT IT" tirades and tantrums in advance? Did they not learn their lesson last year?

I know it sounds mean, but as a parent... I just can't imagine trying to take "K" into the store, not now when she's 2 and I have no plans to do it as she gets older.


The Queen Bee said...

You forget, for some of those parents out there stuff=love. Or, at least stuff=I-feel-less-guilty-now-for-fill in the blank.

I have never taken my kids to Toys R Us. Ever. And I avoid the Toy section at any store as much as I can. Nothing like aisles of (most likely) lead-tainted junk to give your kids a good case of the "I Wants"!

The Mama said...

Perhaps these parents have incredibly low blood pressure and it's a "healthy choice" for them. You know for their hearts. Why else would they then spend the entire time in the store shouting and yelling and carrying on at their kids?