Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Big Day... All around

Well, November 13 must be some special day in a galaxy I have yet to encounter. Today is a momentous day for many reasons. It's our god-daughter (Princess Pigtails) baptismal birthday, its the 2 year anniversary of us finding out we were moving to Ohio (or at least given the chance to move) and now today, K decided to try out the new potty chair... WITH SUCCESS (and it was #2!!!). Given all those great things, its been a day of great reflection and thanksgiving for our family.

Today is National Prematurity Awareness day, sponsored by the March of Dimes. As many of you know, we (especially me, Honey, but that name is a whole other posting... stay tuned) has gotten very involved with MOD after K's early arrival in our lives. So today, we went down to Dayton to support our local MOD and meet some other families. I am always amazed and reminded of how wonderful our God is when you see these babies (and some grown kids) and their families. We met some amazing people (and in our typical small world fashion, they were from - yep, you guessed it, Minnesota!) and heard some absolutely amazing stories... stories of God's goodness, His Love, and his always-perfect timing. These events also always remind me of how blessed we are to have our wonderfully healthy, active K. Sometimes it hits so me so hard, I just can't even think about it and yet at other times, it really helps me be more of the mother that I think God intends me to be.

So tonight please say a prayer for all those little ones... born healthy, born too early, born in God's perfectness but not the world's, and for all those we're waiting to arrive!

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