Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Random Things...

I am really kind of liking remembering all the random things about myself! so here are a few more:

- I am the oldest of 5.

- Although my mother shutters at the thought, I LOVE instant chocolate pudding - not cook and serve!

- I love Oreos completely immersed in ice cold milk.... or with Corona beer (but not dunked).

- I totally believe that if a stuffed animal tells you their name or makes eye contact, you have to purchase them (my sisters totally get that one!)

- I have (proudly) owned a Brett Favre jersey since high school (and am blogging this while watching the packers and the cowboys- GO PACK!)

- I hate bananas...flavor, texture, anything about them, except their color.

- I once got lost on a bus in Nagasaki, Japan... who knew there were 3 #1 buses, all in Japanese!

- I once played a stork in a play (it was Aesop's fables - circa 1992!)

- I am really afraid this list could go on forever!

- The only entree I have ever ordered at the Cheesecake Factory (and I've been there close to a dozen times) is the Orange Chicken.... usually with Snickers Cheesecake (but sometimes that will vary!)

- The building of my first apartment after college was 95% occupied by people over 70...nice and quiet, but our neighbor died and we didn't even know it for weeks (remember that, maria!)

Oh, I could really go on with this.... but the Packers are now only down by 3 and I have to start concentrating on the game. Happy Randomness, Everyone!

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The Mama said...

Okay, what you didn't mention was when we wanted to scope out the floor plan of the apartment next door and the great effort we went through to keep our footprints off the still damp carpet! We are so sneaky!